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What People Are Saying About All Connections Matter,

Change Your Circumstances by Changing Your Connections


"It has been said that our lives are positively or negatively impacted by the five people with

whom we spend the most time. It has also been said that 'teamwork makes the dreamwork'. In other words, you can go further, faster with greater fortitude when CONNECTED

to the right source(s). Dr. Lesia Banks is a 'tried and proven' source of wisdom

that if you as the reader take heed ~ your life will surely change for the better."

-Dr. Vikki Johnson

Chaplain, Speaker, Author, Mentor & Creator, Soul Wealth



"Through diligent research, personal life lessons, passion, and inspirational

quotes, Dr. Lesia M. Banks has captured a method to assist individuals with

making positive, healthy, enduring, personal and professional life Connections."

- Dr. Carnel L. Smith

High School Principal, Natural Mentor

"Working in academia, I found Dr. Banks’ first book, C3 CreatingCareerConnections, to be a useful tool for college students preparing to enter into the world of work.  All Connections Matter… delves even deeper into career development and assists the reader in creating connections (relationships) that are pertinent to career success.  Dr. Banks gives the reader a practical guide on how to develop a circle of influence, how to check existing connections, and the confidence to disconnect from individuals who “choke your dreams.”  

- Aziz Abdur-Ra'oof

 Educational Consultant & Performance Coach

What People Are Saying About C3 CreatingCareerConnections:


"For those of you that have been told you can’t, Dr. Lesia has shown you the tips for how you can."

- Janet Wall, Ed.D., CDFI, MCDP,



"Based on the premise of individual responsibility, Dr. Banks has put together a superb guide for academic and career success.  I wholeheartedly recommend CreatingCareerConnections to students, parents, mentors, coaches, as well as those already embarking on a career."

- Keith West, RK West Coaching and Consulting



"Dr. Banks has created a comprehensive resource for young people preparing to enter the workforce with easy to follow checklists and bulleted information that weaves hundreds of relevant internet sites and her own passionate and encouraging personal style. This is a book I will use with my community college students."

- Deb Hibbard LCSW DCC


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